Friday, January 23, 2015

Word Press- Ecommerce Website For Your Business

Hey, are you seeking individual with Word Press, Ecommerce and PayPal expertise to make changes to your existing web site or create a new professional-looking website? 4PsWeb professional team offers cost-effective WP site build service. The features may be (but not limit to), or something more:
wordpress website-eCommerce desing

(1) Design/Redesign your WP site based on your demand (just send us hand-writing layout).
(2) Fix problems with confirmation emails from an automated email service to the customer. There are 3 emails involved, one from word press/admin to the customer, one from automated email service to the customer and one from the automated email service to the web email address (As per your demand).
(3) Minor changes to an existing customer Sign-Up and Log-In page including copy changes and removal of a couple of items from the existing page (As per your demand).
(4) Install new SSL certificate from one site to my host (As per your demand).
(5) Update pricing on PayPal payment site and test entire Sign-Up/Log-In system to insure all is working as intended, this includes placing process in sandbox mode for testing (As per your demand).
(6) Fix issue with comments for a blog page that is part of a word press plug-in.
(7) Setup Opt-in form to your wordpress site which is shown in a modal pop up, triggered based on the user clicking onto a button.
(8) Ensure design is clean, according to your requirements.
(9) Make sure opt-in form is responsive.    

Let's start...

Skype: pratul.tonchangya
Location: United States


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